What To Look For In A Beginner Guitar? (Beginners’ Guide)

What To Look For In A Beginner Guitar


Have you recently taken up guitar lessons in Singapore? Or perhaps you want to pick up the instrument to start playing in your own leisure, in a church band or posting covers online? For a start, you will definitely need a guitar that can do two things: it won’t break your bank and it won’t break your spirit.

It is always a daunting experience picking up something new and strolling in to a guitar store not knowing what you want can be very stressful. Let’s turn that frown upside down and make that into a stress-free shopping experience for you!

There are a variety of styles and varieties of guitars out there: you have to choose from body shape, scale length, colour, number of pickups, number of strings and many more.

What’s the shortcut to choosing which one? That’s easy and straightforward –

Choose a guitar that your favourite guitarist/genre of music is using.

If you like the sounds of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and John Mayer, get yourself a Stratocaster-style guitar. Or if you enjoy seeing how Gary Moore and Slash sizzle their way around the fretboard, get a Les Paul style guitar. What about the calming tones of an acoustic guitar? Players like Tommy Emmanuel and Sungha Jung bring out the loveliest tones from the acoustic body.

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Should you get an acoustic or electric or classical guitar for learning? The common myth is that electric/classical is easier to learn on because the strings are easier to press. To some extent, that is true, however you wouldn’t take car driving lessons only to end up driving a truck. The principle is the same for guitar. If you foresee yourself playing music that mainly requires an electric guitar, then go for that.


Let’s say you’ve decided on really getting yourself a guitar. The first consideration should be the size. Are you getting one for a child? Their hands might still be developing so a smaller body/scale length will fit them better.


Then let’s talk about the price point. This is an instrument that many hours will be spent practicing on, therefore you should buy a guitar from a reputable source. Most retailers have beginner packages that includes everything from an amplifier, a bag, strap, picks and the guitar itself.

Regardless of brand new or second-hand condition, remember to bring it to a luthier for a set-up. (important!)

With so many choices to make, the easiest way to make a decision is by checking with your guitar teacher. A good guitar teacher will be able to make a recommendation for your budget and level.

Are you in need of a guitar teacher to consult? Here at Guitar Emerge we go the extra mile to assist our students in picking out their first guitar and also guide them to the right places to get everything sounding good and in order.

Start your learning journey with Guitar Emerge and sign up for a free trial guitar lesson today.

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