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Guitar Lessons Singapore - What's so good about Mooer GE200?

Guitarist are always on a never ending chase of guitar pedals and guitar multi effects board. However for new guitarist starting out, many are lost in this area and they do not know where to start. There are so many different types of overdrive and distortion pedals, delay and reverb pedals etc, so many different brands which makes it overwhelming at times..

At Guitar Emerge, we try to keep things simple and straight forward.

In our guitar lessons, be it acoustic guitar lessons or electric guitar lessons, we use the Mooer GE200 quite regularly.

Mooer GE200 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal
Mooer GE200 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

Here are 6 reasons why we use the Mooer GE200:

1) Ease of use

For many brands of guitar multi effects units, it will normally take alot of time to create a decent clean sound and overdrive sound. However with the Mooer GE200, it took us less than 10 minutes to create a patch that sounded good and nice. The front display is pretty user friendly. Each rectangular button below the screen actually maps to a particular effect. Words are written below so it's clear and easy to understand. To turn the effect on or off, we just need to press the button once and we are in the edit page of that particular effect. Press PLAY and we are back to the main page.

2) Tones

They have a good set of 55 different types of amp models to choose from. From the common ones like Fender, Marshall, Vox, Mesa, to the more boutique amps like Two Rock! These amp models provides a wide variety of tones and it's more than enough for beginners to toggle through. It's also a good place to start understanding the character of different amp models.

With the current trend of plugging your effects straight to the PA system (without guitar amplifiers), a crucial thing to have in your multi effects is CABINET SIMULATOR (Cab Sim). The GE200 provides 26 cab sim to choose from. By default, the amp models are paired with a default cab sim. You can be creative and do a mix and match of amp models and cab sims. If you don't like the cab sims provided, GE200 also allows you to add Impulse Responses (IRs). This makes the unit even more powerful.

The GE200 also gives you the basic option of compressor, noise gate, modulation, delay and reverb. However you can only choose 1 effect from each category. Therefore you cannot have 2 delays or 2 modulation etc.

3) Drum Machine / Metronome

What we love about the GE200 is that it comes with an inbuilt drum machine of 40 different patterns. If drum beats are too noisy, there is also a metronome feature. In our guitar classes, we tend to use this feature as a backing to work on our tempo and timing. Our students will also get to feel how it's like to play in a band setting and how they will sound on top of a drum beat.

4) Looper

On top of the drum machine feature, the unit also provides an option for you to loop your playing. In our guitar lessons, with the drum beat going on, we will use this looper feature to create a loop of a certain guitar chord progression and the student can then solo freely with this "backing track" created on the fly.

5) Price

Here's one of the more important consideration. PRICE. This unit goes for around $400 SGD. At this price point, you are looking at only 4 analog pedals. Base on the tones, effects, features it provides, $400 is a good price and this unit is definitely value for money. Not only can you use it at home for practice, this unit is also capable to getting performance standard tones.

6) Portability

Lastly, it's size is small enough which makes carrying around a breeze. It can easily be slotted in the front of your guitar bag. No need for an extra effects bag :) GE200 is a good option to bring around for rehearsals and small gigs.


We love the Mooer GE200 and we highly recommend this unit to any starters who are keen to explore the guitar multi effects world. God Bless!

Guitar Emerge is a specialised guitar school which provides guitar lessons in Singapore. We solely focus on Electric Guitar Lessons, Acoustic Guitar Lessons and Ukulele lessons.

Our guitar classes are conducted in Jubilee Square #03-08 (5 mins from Ang Mo Kio MRT). Our 2 studios are nicely sound proofed, with high end guitars and equipment for students to use. Learning guitar in a conducive environment is important as it will accelerate your learning.





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