Choosing The Right Guitar Teacher In Singapore For Yourself Or Your Child

How To Choose The Right Guitar Teacher In Singapore

Choosing the right guitar teacher for yourself or your child is a very important first step in picking up the instrument. After all, this person will be the positive influence that will guide you throughout your musical journey.

Nowadays, almost anyone can claim to be a guitar teacher and start to offer guitar lessons. This is fine, however since we are talking about a long-term investment it is essential to know what level your guitar teacher is at. The easiest way is to look at their certification. The standard is a grade 8 in guitar (classical/acoustic/electric).

But is that really enough?

Besides being certified, the keyword that we are looking at is qualification.

A qualified guitar teacher is someone who can play the guitar well and also be good at teaching it. An experienced guitar teacher will know what to look out for in a student’s playing which include all the minute details and life-saving, habit-changing intricacies that will build a good foundation. You will want him/her to be able to correct your mistakes and be patient with you so that your learning experience is value-added.

Additionally, you should have an idea of what kind of musical style you would like to learn and develop in. This means that you wouldn’t ask a classical guitarist to teach you heavy metal! If you are interested in playing in a band and singing live, then look for a guitar teacher that has experience performing on stage in public. They will be able to guide you with other topics like overcoming stage fright and knowing exactly what to bring on a gig.

With so many factors to consider, how should you go about choosing a guitar school/teacher?

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Guitar Lesson In Singapore

By bringing yourself / your child to the school and actually experiencing a trial guitar lesson, all of the above are de-mystified. You get to see whether or not you actually enjoyed and benefitted from the guitar lesson, as well as clear your doubts with the teacher directly. Tell them your goals and your expectations. The teacher will be able to assess your current skill level and give you a realistic timeline so that you have a goal to work towards.

If you are a parent looking for a guitar teacher for your child, ask them directly after the trial class. “Did you enjoy the lesson? Would you like to come back?” Let them know that you are being supportive of their thoughts and feelings too! You wouldn’t want a student that is reluctant to go to lessons that you are financing after all.

Here at Guitar Emerge, our mission is to provide quality guitar education that is fun & enjoyable and amplify the inner music in us so that we can inspire others.

We place emphasis on building camaraderie with every student so that they can play music that brings joy, faith, comfort, hope and peace to our audience. It is through this personal relationship that we engage each student individually.

We are experienced in various styles of music like R&B, Rock, Christian Contemporary and Mandopop - with more than 485 songs in our library (and growing!). Rest assured that your time spent here with us will be fun-filled and enriching.

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