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Ed Sheeran - Perfect (Guitar Tutorial)

Hi friends, in this video, we share 2 methods to play the song Perfect by Ed Sheeran. Perfect has become one of the top favourite love and wedding songs in 2017. Here we introduce 1 plucking pattern and 1 strumming pattern that you can use generally throughout the song. To make this tutorial more comprehensive, we have also included how to play the solo for the interlude of the song.

Song is in 6/8 time signature. Original Key is in G#. However in this video we will teach the song in Key of G. You can use a Capo on 1st fret to raise the Key to G#.

Click here for the chord chart.

Click here for the solo tabs.

​We hope this video does bless you in one way or another! Do drop us your feedback and comments and encourage us if you find this useful! Cheers and God Bless!

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