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Guitar Emerge - Guitar Solo Fundamentals

Guitar Solo is one of the biggest topics for all guitarist and we are always looking out for ways to improve our solos. This video tutorial is created on the assumption that you know what a Major scale is and you already know how to play some cool licks.

In this video tutorial, we discuss 3 Guitar Solo Fundamentals that all guitarist should know.

1) Know the Chord Progression

  • Know the Key of the song - G Key

  • Know which Chords are used - G / / / G / / / Em / / / Em / / / C / / / C / / /

2) Know what notes form the Chord

  • G Chord - G note, B note, D note

  • Em Chord - E note, G note, B note

  • C Chord - C note, E Note G note

3) Land your solo on the safe zone

  • Since it's in Key of G, we will use G Major scale and licks

  • Whenever your licks stop, the last note will be the most evident note. It is recommended that you try to land the last note within the 3 notes of the particular chord.

We hope this video does bless you in one way or another! Do drop us your feedback and comments and encourage us if you find this useful! Cheers and God Bless!

Guitar Emerge provides individual and group guitar lessons in Singapore.

Do contact us if you are keen for a more personalized guitar lessons.

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