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How to play in worship songs - 4 common shapes on the electric guitar!

There are many different ways to play electric guitar in a worship song. Typical way is to do fill ins and lead lines throughout the song. Today I'm going to recommend another approach and idea. It uses 4 common shapes (traids) that is easy to play and can be done in any key. With the addition of dotted eighth delay, it adds a new layer and texture to the overall sound and the same time it gives space to other musicians as well. "Less is More"!

So what are the 4 shapes? In this example we are in the key of A:

​This is our very first online tutorial that we provide full exaplations and demo. We hope this video does bless you in one way or another! Do drop us your feedback and comments and encourage us if you find this useful! Cheers and God Bless!

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