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The Wreckers - Leave The Pieces (Dimension5 Cover)

Introducing our new band Dimension5! Here's our version of "Leave The Pieces" by The Wreckers. We want to thank our Sponsors ArtMusicKitchen for providing us nice guitars to use.

Here's the list of guitars sponsored:

Joy Yang (Singer/Guitarist) is using Emerald X20 carbon-fibre guitar -

David Ng (Singer/Bassist) is using Emerald XB-35 carbon-fibre bass guitar

Lebbeus Lau (Guitarist) is using Veillette Avante Gryphon - a small, travel sized, solid wood, 12-string guitar, with a clean, modern design and a versatile, mandolin/bouzouki like sound

Other Members:

Jocelyn Ong (Singer/Keyboardist) Serena Chen (Cajon)

Artmusickitchen has an extensive range of Emerald carbon-fibre guitars, and also the selected range of Veillette 12-sting guitars, available both in stock and as custom orders. Contact them now for testing/viewing details!

Guitar Emerge provides individual and group guitar lessons in Singapore.

Do contact us if you are keen for a more personalized guitar lessons.

If you are looking for online skype guitar lessons, do contact us to discuss more!

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