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10 Things We Learnt At Pete Thorn Guitar Clinic Singapore

Guitar Emerge recently sent 3 of their full time teachers to attend Pete Thorn Guitar Clinic on 10 December 2019. This event was organised by G77+. Here's a summary of the event.

Pete Thorn and GE Guitar Teachers
Pete Thorn with our GE guitar teachers

Having watched Pete on youtube for the past 10 over years, it was just awesome to attend his clinic here in Singapore. In this clinic, Pete basically went through his thought process of how he generates his musical tracks for his youtube demos and showed us the amount of effort he took to produce the music so as to create a track that was real and authentic.

Pete Thorn Guitar Clinic Singapore

Here are 10 things we learnt from Pete's Guitar Clinic:

  1. Record inspirations/melodies immediately with phone. It’s a likelihood that an individual will forget it by the time you get the chance to play it on your instrument.

  2. Find inspiration from other instrument. Listen to other instruments like bass or drums. Different grooves allow us to generate new ideas to play and accompany these instruments.

  3. If you record other instruments like bass, play the bass with more heart and soul.

  4. Double track the rhythm parts, hard pan each part to the extreme left and right.

  5. Do low cut on the rhythm guitars so as to create space for the bass and drums

  6. Do a +2db boost on the 2k freq for guitar solo tracks

  7. Think of how to capture the listener attention with different effects like filters, octave fuzz, delays etc

  8. Guitarists need to practise restraint when doing instrumentals or soloing, especially at the start, so that the song/solo can built up, thereby becoming more dynamic. Solos needs to have a story, start low end high. Solos need not necessary be fast but it has to be melodic.

  9. End of solo add a reverse delay to create a different effect

  10. Spirit of excellence. What we do/portray in a live setting should be how we record/practice at home too. Be serious on every recording take, don't be relax and re record your solo 50 times

Pete Thorn's Gear:

Pete Thorn Suhr Guitar Signature

His signature guitar is just awesome. She has many different pickup configurations and one thing that blew us away was how he could achieve a straty tone with the neck humbucker pickup. Most spilt coils humbucker will sound straty but its thin. Pete's guitar tone was straty and fat. Nice!.

His new amp PT15 head also had the ability to run direct to a recording daw, and you can load different Impulse Response for different channels as well. Plugged that into a 1x12 cab, this amp can go REAL loud!!!

Pete also used the Line6 HX Effects for his delays and mods.

Overall it was an evening well spent with Pete Thorn the man! Thanks for sharing and blessing!

Pete Thorn Sign Guitar Emerge T Shirt

Guitar Emerge is a specialised guitar school which provides guitar lessons in Singapore. We solely focus on Electric Guitar Lessons, Acoustic Guitar Lessons and Ukulele lessons.

Our guitar classes are conducted in Jubilee Square #03-08 (5 mins from Ang Mo Kio MRT). Our 2 studios are nicely sound proofed, with high end guitars and equipment for students to use. Learning guitar in a conducive environment is important as it will accelerate your learning.











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