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"Refer A Friend" fee rebates are given to current students of Guitar Emerge Music School when you refer a friend and they sign up with us*

The incentive amount is $100 Fee Rebate for you and $100 Discount for your friend. Total $200 OFF!!!

How does it work?

  • Spread the word and tell your friends about Guitar Emerge 

  • When your friend fills up the "Contact Us" form, please indicate the following: 
    1. "How did you hear about Guitar Emerge" <Guitar Emerge Student>
    2. "Type your message here" - Please write the name of the Guitar Emerge Student

  • Upon successful enrolment, they will receive $100 discount.

  • After 60 days from their Enrolment Date, we will rebate you $100 off your current lesson Fees for that month.

  • There is no limit on the number of people you can refer, the more the better!

Terms and conditions apply*

  • This offer applies for only New Enrolments with Guitar Emerge Music School.

  • During enrolment, the referral must provide the current Guitar Emerge Student’s name for verification.

  • The referral must continue weekly classes for at least 60 days from date of Enrolment at Guitar Emerge.

  • The current Guitar Emerge Student must be enrolled with Guitar Emerge for at least 30 days before the referral’s date of Enrolment.

  • The current Guitar Emerge Student must still be enrolled with Guitar Emerge at the point of Fee Rebate.

  • This promotion cannot be combined with other ongoing promotions.

  • There can only be 1 referral name per new enrolment.

  • This offer applies to siblings and related parties.

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