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Why Choose Guitar Emerge?

  1. We are a specialised guitar school in Singapore

  2. We are not an agency. We look after every guitar student that joins this big guitar family.

  3. We build long lasting friendships with our students

  4. We ensure all our guitar teachers have our customised notes, resources and syllabus to teach you. 

  5. We have constant follow up with our guitar teachers on the progress of the student.

  6. Our guitar teachers are either certified or have many years of performing professionally.

  7. We have over 500 guitar students who are currently with us or have finished the guitar course.

  8. We provide platforms for our students to perform. (Esplanade, Yearly showcase, YouTube Cover videos etc)


General Term (3 Months) Fees (SGD)


  • There will be 11 lessons per Term (E.g. Jan to Mar, Apr to Jun, Jul to Sep, Oct to Dec) following our school calendar.

  • The table indicates the term fees in SGD.

  • Max 1 make up per term allowed.

  • A one-time registration fee of SGD$40.00 & student deposit of SGD$60.00 is applicable for new students.

  • If a student decides not to continue the course, notification must be done 1 month in advance else the student deposit will be forfeited.

  • The $60 deposit will be used to offset the last month of lesson fees (Not a $60 cash refund).

  • There will also be no refund of fees collected.

   GE 2023 CALENDAR    

GE 2023 Calendar.png
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