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 Junior Guitar Course (Level 1 , 2) 

This Junior guitar course was designed for all kids age 5 to 7. Our self written guitar syllabus includes fun activities and games to keep children engaged. On top of that we will teach them their favourite songs. This will make learning more exciting and keep their interest going.

Start them off with the right foundation and habits on the guitar and it will take them a long way!


Once they complete Junior Guitar Level 2, they can skip Fundamental Guitar Level 1 and will move straight to our Fundamental Guitar Level 2.

Here are some of the topics we will cover in our guitar lessons:

1) 10 Chords 

2) 2 Major Scales 

3) 6 Strumming patterns

4) 2 Plucking patterns

5) Melodies

6) Knowledge of Guitar

7) Exam Certification (If requested)

Junior Guitar Student In Singapore
Young Guitar Student In Singapore
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Zhengfei started her guitar journey with Guitar Emerge when she was just 5 years old. I was a bit conservative that if I should let her start to learn guitar at such young age. GE totally cleared my doubts. Her teacher tactically engaged her with songs she likes and guided her in ways that are easily understood and accepted. Thank you Guitar Emerge!

---------    Faylinn Wang

Mother of Zhengfei, 6 Years Old (Junior Guitar Level 1)

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