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 Fundamental Guitar Course (Level 1 , 2) 

This fundamental guitar course was designed for all new starters who wants to pick up the acoustic guitar or electric guitar. The fundamentals of both types of guitar are generally the same. Our guitar classes can be catered for individual 1 to 1 learning or a group class of max size 3. If you are thinking of sending your child for guitar classes, we generally recommend kids to start after 5 years old. And if you are wondering if I'm too old to learn the guitar, currently our oldest student is 70 years old. As the saying goes, learning never stops. :) 

At Guitar Emerge, as a specialised guitar school in Singapore, we take pride that we have our own syllabus and notes that we will provide every lesson. With a structured syllabus, we will also encourage you to provide your favourite songs, so that we can use those songs in our lessons as well. This will make learning more exciting and keeps the interest going especially for a young child.

Here are some of the topics we will cover in our guitar lessons:

1) 25 Chords / Simple Power Chords

2) 10 Scales (major, minor, pentatonic)

3) 10 Strumming patterns

4) 5 Plucking patterns

5) Melodies

6) Music Theory / Knowledge of Guitar

7) Tuning

8) Exam Certification (If requested)

Guitar Emerge Fundamental Student
Singapore Guitar Lessons Student
Earl Review.png

I had prior experience with guitar before enrolling but I was provided with a very different perspective about the entirety of music here. Learning is well structured and it helped me improve very quickly. Guitar Emerge (GE) definitely reignited my passion and amplified my inner music!

---------    Samuel Ho

Working adult (Fundamental Guitar Level 2)

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