Intermediate Electric Guitar Course (Level 1 , 2)    

This intermediate electric guitar course was designed for students who have completed Fundamental Guitar Level 1 & 2 or have prior guitar experiences and wish to to convert to become an Electric Guitar player. Our guitar classes can be catered for individual 1 to 1 learning or a group class of max size 3. 

At Guitar Emerge, as a specialised guitar school in Singapore, we take pride that we have our own syllabus and notes that we will provide every lesson. With a structured syllabus, we will also encourage you to provide your favourite songs, so that we can use those songs in our lessons as well. This will make learning more exciting and keeps the interest going especially for a young child.

Here are some of the topics we will cover in our intermediate electric guitar lessons:

1) 4 types Power chords and easy shapes to use 

One of the most basic chord type we need for electric guitar is power chords. There are 4

different types of power chord we can use and we will break down how to utilise these chords according to the feel and tone of the song. On top of that, we will share our most commonly used "cheat" shapes to make playing much simpler and easier.

2) Major Scales & Pentatonic Scales

To step up our scales knowledge, instead of playing open scales which we did in the fundamental course, we will learn scales that have movable shapes. This also means that once you learn the 7 positions of the major scale and 5 positions of the pentatonic scale, you can literally play them in any key. You will then improve your knowledge of the guitar fretboard and where the notes are located. In each scale position, we will also teach a few simple guitar fill ins and lead lines. This will prepare you for playing guitar solos.

3) Soloing techniques

In order to create lead lines that are smooth and have vocal like qualities, soloing techniques must be used in our lines. These techniques includes: bending, hammer on, pull off, sliding & vibrato etc. This adds the FEEL in your solos. Without them, it is just like a person who speaks in a monotone manner. In our syllabus, we have created bite size exercises for you to work on so it's not too daunting and it will give you the confidence to try to add them into your lead lines.

4) How to solo over chords

This is a topic that many guitarist are very eager to learn - GUITAR SOLOS. In this level, we will explain the guitar solo fundamental concepts and how to ensure your guitar solo sounds good. We will also train your listening ability to play out the melody of any given song. 

5) Strumming techniques / dynamics

In this level, we will cover more strumming patterns and variations. We will also help you identify which strumming patterns to use based on drum beats you hear in a song. Having 1 strumming pattern throughout the entire song can be boring for a listener after 1 round of the song. Thus we will also teach you different variations and dynamics you can apply to make the song more interesting and exciting. 

5) Inversion & Triads

These are 3 note chord shapes that are used along the guitar fretboard which tends to sound better on the higher strings. These shapes and commonly used in modern music and it adds a nice layer of simple high notes fill ins and yet it doesn't over power the music like a guitar solo. U2 and Coldplay are 2 bands that uses alot of these ideas.

6) How to get the right tone and usage of effects

Guitarist tone is personal and it takes time for you to get the tone that you hear in your head. We will accelerate this process by showing you how the guitar effects chain is formed, how to derive good overdrive and distortion tones, how to set up your delays and reverbs, when to use modulations and effects, what is a Preamp & Cab Simulator, which pedals are recommended to purchase etc.

7) Music Theory / Knowledge of Guitar

To provide a holistic guitar musical education, we cannot neglect Music Theory. At this level, we will cover more intermediate music theory, usage of capo, transposition, chords construction etc

8) Exam Certification

Everyone has different goals when learning the guitar. Some learn for fun and leisure, some learn to get a certification. If you are keen for guitar certification, at the end of both levels, you will be able to take the grade 3 to 5 Electric Guitar Exam under Trinity Rock and Pop.

    Advance Electric Guitar Course (Level 1 , 2)    

This Advance Electric Guitar Course was designed for students who have completed Intermediate Electric Guitar Level 1 & 2 or have prior guitar experiences and wants to upgrade their skill level to be the best they can be. Our advanced guitar classes are catered for individual 1 to 1 learning only.


Here are some of the topics we will cover in our Advance electric guitar lessons:

1) In depth usage of effects / guitar

We will explore many of the hidden effects in a multi effects board, understand the character and tone of different amplifier makers, have a deeper understanding of different types of guitars and the tone it creates etc 

2) Speed soloing

We will learn licks that enables you to play fast solos and impress your friends. 

3) Blues / Funk / Fusion / Folk / Country etc

We will be exposing the students to more genres to prepare them for real life performance. As a performer, many times we get request which are beyond pop songs, thus we will need to be versatile in our skill set.

4) Modes application / Improvisation

We will dive deeper into different scales and modes and how the different modes can be used in different situations and chord progressions to create a beautiful creative unique melody and solo.

5) Exam Certification

Everyone has different goals when learning the guitar. Some learn for fun and leisure, some learn to get a certification. If you are keen for guitar certification, at the end of both levels, you will be able to take the grade 6 to 8 Electric Guitar Exam under Trinity Rock & Pop.



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