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 Intermediate Acoustic Guitar Course (Level 1 , 2) 

This intermediate acoustic guitar course was designed for students who have completed Fundamental Guitar Level 1 & 2 or have prior guitar experiences and wish to further upgrade their skills. Our guitar classes can be catered for individual 1 to 1 learning or a group class of max size 3. 

At Guitar Emerge, as a specialised guitar school in Singapore, we take pride that we have our own syllabus and notes that we will provide every lesson. With a structured syllabus, we will also encourage you to provide your favourite songs, so that we can use those songs in our lessons as well. This will make learning more exciting and keeps the interest going especially for a young child.

Here are some of the topics we will cover in our intermediate acoustic guitar lessons:

1) How to groove on the guitar when you strum (15 Strumming patterns & variations)

2) How to create color and dynamics in a song (Palm Muting, rolls, intensity etc)

3) Simple Plucking with melody (Basic Fingerstyle)

4) Major Scales (7 Positions) & Pentatonic Scales (5 Positions) - Soloing Concepts

5) Color Chords / Barred Chords

6) Music Theory / Knowledge of Guitar

7) Exam Certification (If Requested)

Guitar Emerge LCM Student Grade 3
Singapore Guitar Lesson Intermediate Acoustic Guitar Student
Earl Review.png

From fingerstyle pieces to guitar solos, GE has helped me improve my guitar skills. The curriculum is well designed and paced appropriately. The guidance of the Trainers have helped me discover many new techniques to jam along with my favourite songs!

---------    Emmanuel Sunartio

15 Years Old (Intermediate Acoustic Guitar Level 2)

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