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 About Guitar Emerge   

Our Mission

1. Foundation: To provide quality guitar education

2. Fun: To make learning guitar fun and enjoyable

3. Inspiration: To amplify the inner music in us so that we can inspire others


Our founder realise many guitarist in Singapore are self taught and are seeking to have the right foundation and skills so that, they can play songs without having to refer to scores, do a solo without looking at tabs, play melodic line without having to copy some one else's music. Guitar Emerge aims to provide all guitar students with this solid foundation so that all can be an inspirational guitarist.

Guitar Lessons In Singapore

Through the years, we have heard many parents say their children lost interest in guitar because of the lesson style and syllabus taught to them. Here at Guitar Emerge, we aim to create a fun environment in our lessons so that these children stay excited and thus enjoying their guitar journey! 


Music itself is an inspiration. It brings about different form of emotions to an audience. At Guitar Emerge, we aim to play music that brings joy, faith, comfort, hope and peace to our audience. Let's begin to amplify our inner music!

Singapore Guitar Teacher
  Lebbeus Lau  
Our Founder 


At a young age, Lebbeus was sent to Yamaha for classical guitar training. He attained a grade 8 in classical guitar at the age of 12. Through the early years, Lebbeus began to discover his love for music while playing acoustic guitar for his Church adult's cell group.


At 14, Lebbeus joined the Church music team and picked up the electric guitar. This sparked off his electric guitar journey. Not only did he play the electric guitar, he also became a worship leader and singer at the age of 17. At times he took on the role of a bassist and drummer in the church band.


Lebbeus was also engaged to play electric guitar for various conferences like Ignite conference, Synergiz, Global Day of Prayer in the National Stadium and another conferences in the Indoor Stadium. Lebbeus travelled with the Ignite band to Brunei, Miri, Sarawak and played for 'Free to Be' Conference. Lebbeus was also invited to many different churches to conduct workshops on acoustic and electric guitar.


At the age of 26, he attained grade 8 in Trinity rockschool electric guitar. To bring on this passion on to many others out there, Lebbeus decided to set up Guitar Emerge. He has a dream to one day see an emerging generation of guitarist that plays music that brings inspiration to many others! 


Lebbeus is also MOE Certified and AMIS certified and conducts lessons in MOE schools as well.


Academic Accomplishment
Lebbeus completed his Diploma with Merit in Business IT and named one of the top 5 students in his batch. He then went on to complete his Degree in Computer Science at University of Adelaide and was awarded the Dean's Certificate of Merit for outstanding academic achievements.

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